Transferring characters to basic Kain x7
For you, we are launching a service for transferring characters from other Lineage 2 servers to our server!
January 20, 2021 New Erica x10 Interlude Opening
The long awaited opening of Erica x10 Interlude server We took into account all your wishes and made a truly comfortable server for a long game.
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News server
Server was successfully opened 17/04/2020

Dear friends, the server was successfully opened on 04/17/2020, online after two days is kept in the region of 800-1100 people, we did not expect that we would be able to attract so many players and are very grateful to you for choosing our project. We will continue to develop and try not to let you down! All pleasant and successful game!

OBT completed successfully

Dear players! OBT completed successfully. Our team thanks everyone who took part in testing the server, for the entire OBT time (this is about 3 weeks) almost 300 unique players took part in testing the server!
Thank you for taking the time and helping us make the server better!
Less than a week is left before the opening, now the server is in the stage of pre-launch preparation, and tweaks after the OBT.
The server will start as planned on April 17, 2020.
We are waiting for you all!

OBT Lineage 2 Interlude x5

Lineage 2 Interlude Server Opening Soon!
Administration of the LA2AGE.RU game server is glad to welcome you to our website! Our portal was created for fans of the game Lineage II.

For you, while in the test mode, the Lineage 2 Interlude server with x5 rates is working. The official server launch date is mid-April 2020.
At the time of OBT, rates were set for exp x10000 on cn x5000.

Lineage 2 A world where a fairy tale becomes reality

A world where a fairy tale becomes reality. Where people live next to gnomes, elves and other fairy tale characters. A world in which more than 3 thousand people from different cities and countries can play at the same time. A world where magic and steel rule the world. Where giants and dragons walk the earth and roam the heavens.
A world in which honor competes with deceit, witchcraft entwines the whole world, and cold steel conquers cities and countries. A world in which a fairy tale is a REALITY.

Join us!

Join us!
In the world of Lineage II, thousands of players live in a virtual universe, travel, gain new knowledge and experience, create alliances, fight monsters and complete epic tasks that can change the fate of the whole world.

To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files.
Download clean client Lineage 2 Interlude - 3.0 Gb
Download updater for Interlude - 2 MB
If your antivirus swears at Updater, add it to the exception.
Download the patch for interlude - 125 MB
Download server client ready to play - 3.0 Gb
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Answers to frequently asked questions
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About Server
Short information about the LA2AGE.RU project
Stable work without lags and falls, proven! Our server is located in the largest data center in Europe and is under reliable protection from any attacks.
Full implementation of Interlude chronicles from the lead developer of Lineage 2. Fully working quests, Dino Island, Frintezza, etc. High-quality, working Geodata.
This is the best client-server anti-cheat of the Lineage 2 game. Full encryption of traffic between the client and the server, complete blocking of autoclickers, protection from all known package hacks and bot programs.

Answers to frequently asked questions