Transferring characters to basic Kain x7
For you, we are launching a service for transferring characters from other Lineage 2 servers to our server!
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Server information Kain x7 Interlude

Server opened on September 11, 2020

Server rates:

Рейты XP и SP / Rate Exp Sp
RateXpRateXp = x7.
RateSpRateSp = x7.
Рейты SP РейдовRateXpRates Exp Raid = x3
Рейты SP РейдовRateSpRates SP Raid = x5
AdenaRates Adena = x5
A AdenaRates Drop Seals Stones = x3
dropRates drop item = x4
spoilRates spoil = x4
questItem rate quest rewards =x1
questAdenaRate reward Adena for quests = x1
questRateXpRateSpRate Exp SP Quest Rewards = x5
Рейты РейдовdropDrop rate of items from RB = x3
Рейты дропа квест итемовRates for drop quest items = x3
Рейты рыбалкиFishing rate = x2
Рейты клан репутацииClan reputation rate = x1
Рейт манораRates manor = x1

Major changes:  Classic Lineage 2 Interlude Low Rate server.

Other: Offline trade is available from level 15 - .offline Cost 1000 Aden (maximum 14 days). Offline merchants are restored after a restart. There are no window restrictions. Cost of renting CH x5 in accordance with the rates of adena.

Autoloot - customizable .cfg  Server Commands: .cfg/.menu -character settings menu.
.rune - checking the remaining duration of runes and temporary items.
.whoiam -current character rates, PA purchase menu.
.repair - restoration of characters on the account.
.password - changing account password.
.en / .ru -switching dialogue language NPC.  

.clan - clan management, the privilege to take from CWH.  

Getting professions: 1- 150k Aden or 10 CoL, either a quest.
  2- 3кк Аден или 30 CoL, either a quest.
  Separate mark for the 2nd profession- 1кк или 10 CoL for one mark.
  3- as standard through the quest.

Buffs: The standard 20 +4 slots are taught through game-acquired books.
Duration of buffs for offs, except for dents / songs, cat / horse.

Dances / songs, cat / horse buffs: all for 4 minutes.
Clan hall buff - 40 minutes.
Newbie buff: up to level 75 inclusive.
Teleports: Free for 40 lvl.

Learning skills through books, manually.

There is a D-B grade equipment store on the server, Coin of Luck store currency.

Premium Account (PA): There are 4 types of premium accounts available, on 30 days, 14 days, 3 days и 1 day.

Raising premium account rates:  

        EXP =1.3
        SP =1.3
        Quest reward =1.3
        Quest drop =1.3

        Drop adena =1.3
        Drop items =1.3
        Drop raid item =1.0
        Drop spoil =1.3

When using bonuses / services that increase rates, party rates are calculated as the average for the entire party.

All rates are calculated from the base rate. For example: Base RateXp = x7 with PA you will have x7 * 1.3 = x9.1, etc.

PA cost: 

30 дней - 50 Coin of Luck

14 дней - 35 Coin of Luck

3 дня -14 Coin of Luck

1 день - 5 Coin of Luck

1 Coin of Luck = 0,2 USD (Доллар США)

In every city you will find Tiny Shop Jenifer и Service Manager Fela from them you can buy runes and use the in-game service:

Bag (Increases maximum carry weight by 2 times) - 50 Coin of Luck

Runes cost:

Rune of Experience Points 30% (5-hour limited period) - 3 Coin of Luck

Rune of Experience Points 50% (5-hour limited period) - 8 Coin of Luck

Rune of SP 30% (5-hour limited period) - 3 Coin of Luck

Rune of SP 50% (5-hour limited period) - 8 Coin of Luck

Rune of Drop 30% (5-hour limited period) - 5 Coin of Luck

Rune of Drop 50% (5-hour limited period) - 10 Coin of Luck
There are also runes 30% / 50% shorter in time, their cost can be viewed in the game.

Servises cost:

Character nickname changes: 30 Coin of Luck

Character gender reassignment: 50 Coin of Luck

Change the color of the nickname and title of the character: 35 Coin of Luck (each service is provided separately) 

PK laundering service - remove all PK points: 30 Coin of Luck

Karma laundering service - karma cleaning: 30 Coin of Luck

Expansion of character inventory for 20 slots (maximum 250): 15 Coin of Luck

Expansion of the character's personal warehouse for 20 slots: 15 Coin of Luck

Clan warehouse expansion for 10 slots: 20 Coin of Luck

Clan name changes: 80 Coin of Luck 

Grand olympiad: 

Availability: С 14.09.2020.

Participation in the Olympiad: Only characters with the status of Noblesse.

Period (Seasons of the Great Olympics Lineage 2 Interlude): 14 days from 09/14/2020. There is a notification about the number of days until the end of the Olympiad season. Heroes are awarded the next day after the end of the period at 12:00 Moscow time.

Time of the battles: Every day from 18:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.

Points at the beginning of the season: 18.

Minimum competition to obtain heroism: 9.

The minimum of victorious competitions to obtain heroism: 1.

Maximum number of matches per month for one character: 500.

The number of points that will be removed from the loser of the match at the Olympiad and transferred to the winner: 20% or 1/5.

Minimum number of participants for non-Class battles: 9.

Minimum number of participants for Class Battles: 5.

Epic Bosses: Dead from the start.

Respawn time:

Queen Ant ring Queen Ant: Every day at 20:00 + 30 minutes (random)
Ring of coreCore: Every day at 19:00 + 60 minutes (random)
Orfen's EarringOrfen: Every day at 21:00 + 60 minutes (random)
Zaken's EarringZaken: Every 2 days at 20:00 + 60 minutes (random)
Frintezza's NecklaceFrintezza: Every 2 days at 19:00 + 120 minutes (random)
Baium's RingBaium: Every 5 days at 20:00 + 120 minutes (random)
Antharas earringAntharas: Every 8 days at 20:00 + 120 minutes (random)
Valakas' NecklaceValakas: Every 11 days at 19:00 + 180 minutes (random)

Осады замков:

The first sieges will take place on Sunday 27.09.2020г.

Lineage 2 Interlude x7new server for you
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Download the patch for interlude - 125 MB
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