Lineage 2 A world where a fairy tale becomes reality

A world where a fairy tale becomes reality. Where people live next to gnomes, elves and other fairy tale characters. A world in which more than 3 thousand people from different cities and countries can play at the same time. A world where magic and steel rule the world. Where giants and dragons walk the earth and roam the heavens.
A world in which honor competes with deceit, witchcraft entwines the whole world, and cold steel conquers cities and countries. A world in which a fairy tale is a REALITY.

LineAge 2 is an RPG game. A game in which you completely and completely control your character. Live his life, dress him, feed him, train and work, gain experience, fight and win. Mountains and rivers, cities and countries, seas and oceans, swamps and forests - all this awaits you in our three-dimensional world, created with the latest technology.

Three states await you, which you can conquer or defend.
Aden is the youngest kingdom and the most powerful in the world. It was created by a young king after successfully suppressing the uprising in Raul. Elmore is a military superpower that conquers more and more lands with fire, sword and magic. Grazia is a western country in which, after the death of its ruler, a fierce internecine war for the throne broke out.

And now you find yourself in this whirlpool of events and chaos of incidents. You find yourself as a simple player who has a great future and who can become the ruler of the whole world. You can choose one of five races:

Humans are the largest race to inhabit the land of LineAge 2.

Elves are children of nature. Fast and slender, they live in forests, worship the water goddess and try not to interfere with the seething flow of events. However, the chaos in the world does not allow them to stay away.

Dark Elves - once they were ordinary elves, but then starting to engage in black magic and starting a war with people, they were expelled from the elves of the community. They lost the war, but they did not give up magic. Tall and thin, they are very similar to their counterparts, but their skin is gray and they are taller. Brutal creatures who worship the death goddess Shelen.

Orcs are enormous fire worshipers. They are smart, but even more strong and hardy. Having managed to oust the Dark Elves, they took the leading place on the continent. But having lost the battle to humans and elves, they were forced to go to the very north of the continent, to the arctic regions. Where they still live.

Dwarfs are small creatures with tremendous physical strength for their growth. They worship the earth and love to invent different mechanisms and devices. The richest creatures in the world of LineAge 2, they are the only ones who do not know how to conjure.

Having chosen who you want to become, you find yourself in your village, from where your journey through this vast and wonderful world begins. How it will develop - no one knows except you. Whether you become a great warrior or a successful merchant. A robber who plunders rich caravans, or maybe a great magician, with a wave of his hand, time stops and mountains move apart. Everything depends on you.

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